Are you looking for an exciting new career? Work hours that suit you? It's time to escape the rat race & start truly living your dream life! No qualifications needed!

Become An Author

Have you ever thought of becoming a Kindle author? Never crossed your mind? Maybe you don't think you have what it takes to become a writer? Did you know, that most of us are programmed to believe that we only have  limited potential? Whether its due to growing up in a poor family, or certain family beliefs of potential or the most common reason - self-doubt! We understand that unlocking your potential can seem difficult or maybe even daunting! No matter what your circumstances are, we have got you covered! The truth is, anybody can become a kindle author, but not everyone can become a SUCCESSFUL kindle author, why? Because there is a lack of knowledge and expertise in writing and marketing! So if your new to the idea of becoming a writer, or you are already an aspiring author, then you have now taken the first step in your journey to soon becoming a successful novelist! Congratulations!

Become An Established Writer With Authors Panacea


Earn a highly sustainable income of up to £150k in your first year, with constant annual growth!

Contribute to your books at times that suit you, you are your own boss!

No hidden costs

No agents or agencies, no cuts or percentages!

Pay as you go at just £9.19 per course segmentation click here for pay as you go

Gain writing skills that you can come back to time and time again, no expiry date!

Postage course package sent on first class (tracked), for individuals who prefer to study offline

Suitable for anyone & everyone! Students, full-time parents, employed/unemployed, absolutely everyone! We deliver our services worldwide!

What People Say

This course was exactly what I needed, just when I thought things couldn't change for the better, then they did! I will be forever grateful for AP and their course!

Alice, Buckinghamshire, England

Start Your Journey To Becoming an Established Author

Step-by-step course, with no expiry date, so you can come back to your course time & time again!

Simple & easy to understand!

Easy KDP set-up guide & breakdown

Easy KU & KOLL guide 

Full book overview & spellcheck of your book

5 honest Kindle book reviews FREE!

Creating healthy writing habits

THREE days FREE on our "Popular Now" Section on our promotional book site!

FREE promotional boost with one month book listing on our promotion book site and app!

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