Q: Can I feature my book, even if I don't have my book published on Kindle?

A: Absolutely! We support all authors in any publishing route they wish to take with their books! 

Q: Can I sell paperback and hard cover copies of my books with Authors Panacea?

A: Yes! We support clients with both physical and digital book copies, we will distribute your books for no extra cost. However, if your book is listed on Kindle, you can only advertise and direct your potential customers to your Kindle book link, you will not be able to sell through our site as this is against Kindle's terms and conditions. If you do not use Kindle, you will be able to direct your customers to any form of contact you choose!

Q: What is the purpose of the NCF (Novel Creations Feed)?

A: Novel Creations Feed is a place that our admin team of established authors, create new book ideas with synopsis and usually with alternative ideas! This is great for individuals who have non experience or previous interesting in becoming a writer, although many established authors who have already wrote books previously may benefit from!

Q: How often is the Novel Creations Feed updated?

A: Our Novel Creations Feed is updated with new story line/novel ideas every 3 days, although uploads are typically every day!

Q: Are any of the book ideas on NCF copyrighted?

A: No, all of our book ideas are completely authentic.

Q: How will I receive the book idea I purchased from NCF?

A: You will receive the data via email

Q: Are my payments secure on this website?

A: Absolutely! Your security is very important to us!

Q: How often can I feature my book?

A: You can feature your book on our promotional website for one week at a time, however, featuring your book on our "Popular Now" adverts, will only last 3 days! We are looking to extend the amount of time of featuring in the future!

Q: Can I feature my book(s) on Authors Panacea promotional website, even if I haven't purchased the course?

A: Yes! We want to support both new and aspiring authors, we have created our course for new authors, but it is not mandatory to purchase the course to be featured on our promotional site, anyone with a book (old or new) can utilise our services!

Q: Where can I leave my review?

A: You can write your review here!

Q: How does the R4R system work?

A: After writing your new book, you will want to gain traction on your new work, to help gain more and more readers! However, one of the biggest challenges after publishing your book on Kindle, is getting people to read your book! So we offer aour R4R service with real, legitimate people who enjoy reading new books! R4R or Review for Review. All of our authors who join the R4R system and this enables a friendly environment for our clients to help others our and whilst you gain! You can join our R4R system by completing this short form, once we have reviewed your application, your profile will gain a R4R badge!

Q: When will I receive my physical course in the post?

A: All courses are sent via 1st class tracked, which needs to be signed for. If you purchased your course before 2pm, you will usually receive your course package within 2 days! Clients outside of the UK can vary but should be within 7 days.

Q: Can this course help me become a best seller?

A: We help our clients by not only offering the key skills of writing, but we also give them continuous support after they have completed the course, as well as offering our promotional tools FREE in the course package! We believe that with the skills and support anyone an become a Kindle bestseller!


Q:  It states on my Kindle account that I am not allowed to sell my book outside of Kindle, how is promoting my book through Authors Panacea allowed? 

A: Kindle do not allow anyone to sell their books through another source, with us you will not be selling your book, instead you will be advertising your book which will direct readers to our Kindle book link, in which they will purchase your book through Kindle! External advertising/promoting is allowed, as long as its promotion to your Kindle book and not for sales outside of Kindle.




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