Terms Of Use

Authors Panacea is a coaching based website that teaches the ability to successfully compose novels/books/poetry or any other writing books based on the consumers writing interests (i.e. romance, comedy, horror, mystery etc.) All coursework is delivered via the website which once purchased, clients will be granted automatic instant access to the Authors Panacea course, which they can dedicate at anytime, without an expiry deadline, the course will remain accessible for them until the client closes/deactivates their account. If a client chooses to close/deactivate their account (for any reason), they will lose all access to their course and will need to open a new account and purchase the course and any subscriptions they may have had again. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to reopen a closed account.

If any website/technical issues were to occur that would prevent the client from using the site accurately, the client will then be sent a copy of their coursework to their email, so that the client will not miss out on any study time whatsoever. 

Authors Panacea course and subscriptions are for ages of 14+. Anyone under age of 18 years old whom purchases any subscriptions or course, we will assume has the bill payers permission to purchase from authorspanacea.com. If for any reason this is not the case, we (Authors Panacea) do NOT hold responsibility of any refund or blame, we MUST stress that is solely the bill payer responsibility to have full control and knowledge of their incoming and outgoing transactions on any bank accounts.

We do NOT offer refunds on our course or subscriptions. Our course allows instant access to the Author Panacea Course, for this reason refunds are not granted under any circumstances.

Anyone who uses this website and creates a members account/profile must ensure they are using their accounts in an appropriate manner. Any inappropriate content or language will be deleted THREE times before the account/profile is banned and deleted, members will be notified/emailed about their misuse of their account/profile, before we take any action.

Any books that uploaded on our Novel Creations Feed are all non-copyrighted synopsis's, when these are purchased they are taken off the site within 12 hours after. 

Any persons under the age of 18 who uses this website (authorspanacea.com) who creates a AP profile to subscribe and list their books with us, MUST NOT use this site for any other purpose. Anyone over the age of 18 MUST NOT use this website (authorspanacea.com) for anything other than its purpose (Purchasing & studying their writing course, purchasing book boosters/promotions/marketing tools etc. & subscriptions). If anyone over the age of 18 years old approaches anyone under the age of 18 years old on this website in an inappropriate manner, they will be reported to the police/authorities, and their account/profile will be terminated immediately, regardless of any active purchases. Grooming is strictly prohibited and against the law, this website MUST NOT be used outside of its purpose or taken advantage of or abused in any way!


Anyone that receives any emails requesting money or warnings of loss of their course or subscriptions will not be from Authors Panacea. We will NEVER send emails requesting money from our clients, please ignore these and report it to customerservices@authorspanacea.com for us to report the phishing email.


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